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Tennis Serve Keeps Going Long? 3 Checkpoints to Fix It 1. Get Your Contact Up High Photo: Regina Cortina Photography Your contact point, or the point where your strings make... 2. Your Serve Needs More Spin Just like any shot in tennis, spin generally leads to more control. The proper spin on... 3. ...

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Tennis serve tips from Tom Avery the head pro at CTW Academy teaches how to prevent your first serves going long. If you would like more tennis lessons on th...

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Of course the kick serve can go long if you are hitting the ball too deep - the top spin can only do so much. Some good suggestions above, but I particularly like the suggest to hit more up at the ball to impart less horizontal push.

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When you take it lower you have two tendencies. One, you make the normal serve, with the racket face at the proper angle, but because the ball is too low, it finds the net. And two, to then compensate for the hitting the net, you tilt back the face of the racket trying to help lift the ball and it almost always goes long.

Stop Falling Left on Your Tennis Serves • Top Speed Tennis

Why You Need This: In this video, you’ll learn how to stop falling left on your tennis serves. The problem starts with your momentum. It’s easy to develop the bad habit of serving in such a way that causes your momentum to carry your body left.

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Holding serve comes down to a lot more than making a big serve somewhere in the box. Of course this helps, but as you play against stronger opponents your service games will need to be more... Continue Reading. link to Improving Your Serve Consistency.

How to stop your serve from going into the net

WHAT’S BROKEN: My serve keeps going into the net HOW TO FIX IT: If your serve goes into the net, it usually means your toss is too low, says Rick Macci, who has trained the Williams sisters, Jennifer Capriati and Andy Roddick, among others. A low toss limits your swing and wrist snap and forces you to push the ball.